EF photoHi, I’m Enicia Fisher. I love to create experiences that bring people together in an inspired, heart-felt journey of personal growth and transformation through the healing power of yoga, meditation, nature, and expressive arts.

A teacher by profession, I discovered yoga in 2000 and began teaching yoga in 2005 to share what has enriched my life in so many ways. After a lifetime of studying metaphysics, yoga brought me home to my body and introduced me to a life-affirming philosophy of ancient wisdom that embraces all aspects of being.

Since yoga offers so much more than a physical practice, I find great joy in sharing the depth of yoga as a way of life by creating workshops, retreats, and gatherings that take participants on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

I first visited Tulum in 2013, and I felt a deep and abiding connection to the nature and spiritual energies of Tulum right away. This is the fifth yoga retreat I will lead in Tulum. During the past year, I visited Tulum four times and spent two months also volunteering at a nearby Mayan Village school. With this retreat I confidently offer what I consider to be the best possible experience of a yoga retreat and of the magic of Tulum.

Based in Southern California, I teach weekly yoga classes, Women’s Yoga & Creativity Circles, and monthly New Moon and Full Moon Circles. I live on a rural homestead in the Temecula area with my family and a flock of happy hens. I love to read and write poetry, dance, listen to live music, grow organic food and plant flowers for the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.


Please visit my new website, Sanadora Sanctuary, to see our Spring 2017 Tulum Yoga Retreat offerings



What others say about Enicia Fisher’s teaching and retreats:

“Enicia creates a safe space for women to connect and creativity to blossom.  She comes to the seat of the teacher with a broad understanding of spirituality, yoga, and meditation.  She is a skilled asana teacher with the ability to take care of many levels of practitioners.  Enicia’s Women’s Circles are full of fun ideas and exercises to help each woman unfold her creative nature. In addition, her dedication to serve something greater than herself is clear and comes through in her teaching.  I highly recommend participating in any event hosted by Enicia.” -Ashley F., Temecula CA

“Enicia’s warmth and beauty shine from the inside out and it radiates into the hearts of everyone she comes into contact with. She is an enlightened, beautiful soul, and a wonderful teacher who leads by example in all forms. She is dedicated to making sure the environment she creates with others is welcoming, safe, and judgement free. She allows you to share your growth and experiences in the creative medium that works best for you, and helps you to see your own Truth, heart and potential, with friendship, love, and openness. I am blessed to know this woman and I highly recommend her classes, workshops or retreats. Your life will be forever changed in the most amazing and beautiful way possible.” -Constance Bell, Murrieta CA

“Enicia seems to have the innate ability to animate and inspire creative abilities. I’ve attended several of Enicia’s workshops and retreats and consistently my experience has been one of finding a deeper inner peace, a gentle healing, as well as a closer connection to friends and community. I go home and find myself writing for hours, creating music or drawing. I also have had unusually vivid dreams the nights to follow her workshops that seem to give me personal resolution to my long-standing issues.” -Stacey Parnum, Temecula CA

“I love how you take a stand for the empowerment of women in a community focused so much on connection among us through the heart. You are the true possibility of Love.” -Diane Foster, Murrieta CA

“I am always grateful to be part of any gathering in which Enicia is involved. She has a real talent for combining yoga, poetry and journaling in meaningful ways. As a teacher myself, I deeply appreciate the knowledge, care and thoughtfulness that go into planning each unique experience. She consistently creates a welcoming, communal space where people can not only express themselves but grow toward their potential. I am continually inspired by her creativity, wisdom and loving encouragement.” -Meghan Fitzgerald, Wildomar CA

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.” – Goethe
Enicia, this quote reminded me of your teaching. Thank you for all of your inspiration, optimism and encouragement! -Anonymous


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